Wood Hobby Shop

Bldg. 1345, 253-5320
Wed-Fri: 11 AM - 1 PM, 4-8 PM, Sat: 8 AM - 8 PM, Sun: Noon - 8 PM, Closed Mon & Tue
Contact:   ombiwawoodhobbyshop@usmc-mccs.org

Build that piece of furniture you've always wanted with the assistance of our knowledgeable staff.

The Wood Hobby Shop offers quality machines for do-it-yourself projects. Wood is available for sale. 

A safety class is required before you can use the Wood Hobby Shop facility. Check schedule for availability. Appropriate civilian attire pants and closed-toe shoes are required to work in the Wood Hobby Shop. Authorized eye and hearing protection must be worn.

Patrons may bring in their own tools, but are required to look after their own gear.  The Wood Hobby Shop is not responsible for personal tools brought into the shop.

Patrons can purchase items like wood and other materials and run a tab during the day they are working, but must pay their tab before leaving the shop (barring unusual circumstances such as black outs), or half an hour before closing. Wood is sold by the whole board, and by the board foot. Each board will have the amount of board feet calculated for purchase, prices vary per board.


  • Lockers: Large $6 per month, Small $4 per month
  • Age 16 & Above: $3 Hourly
  • Ages under 16: $1 Hourly 
  • Large Project Storage: $1 per day, 30 day limit
  • Monthly Ages 16 & Up: $50
  • Monthly Ages Under 16: $25


  • Orientation Class & Test $2
  • Pen Class $15
  • Wood Projects $10
  • Safety Class: $2


  • Pen Kits starting at $2.40
  • Knife Kits starting at $19.95
  • Sandpaper starting at 70¢/sheet
  • Screws, Glues & Biscuits starting at 5¢
  • Wood (Various Types) starting at $3.50/board foot

Wood Art Burning

  • $5.00 per 15 minutes of work. 
  • Time is always rounded up to the next half hour. 
  • Items submitted for decoration will be worked on during the 1300-1600 timeframe only. 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to view examples. 

Finishing Touches
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Patrons must clean up their work areas before leaving, but may clean up after paying for their time using the shop. Thirty minutes before closing, all work on projects stops, patrons pay their tabs, and then clean up their work areas.

Patrons may rent lockers to store their wood and projects in.  Wood that is drying (either glue or finish material), may be left out on the drying tables.  Wood that is simply left out on the counters is considered scrap (trash) after 2 work days.  Large projects that can't fit in a locker must have a project sheet attached showing continuous progress logged on said project.  If a patron has a large project, and is going on a deployment, they must remove their project from the Wood Hobby Shop, or it will be considered "scrap" after 1 week past the last date on their project sheet.

Children ages 12-15 require legal guardian supervision and must have a Parental Waiver form signed by their legal guardian; ages 16 and over do not require supervision.

Patrons may bring in their own varnish, paint, clear-coat and oils for finishing their projects. These items may not be left in the Wood Hobby Shop. 

Wood Art Burning
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