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MCAS Iwakuni

We're proud of everything our base has to offer, but we know it's a lot to take in. New services are available all the time and even something that has been around forever can be an unknown asset. Take a few minutes to familiarize (or reacquaint) yourself with a few of the more essential resources. 

For information on programs and services offered by Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS), please browse this website. For everything else, see below.


BHC Iwakuni

Family Readiness Officers (FRO)- Know your FRO! Get the information you need to keep up with your Unit. FROs are here for those Born Into, Sworn Into or Married Into the Marine Corps.

Station Operator- Need to get a hold of someone on base? Call 0 or 113 from a DSN phone or 0827-79-1110 from your cell phone and the operator can look up the directory for you.

Base entry/exits are maintained by PMO. Please call 253-3303 for inquiries.

  • Main Gate Open 24/7
  • Monzen Gate Daily 6 AM - 8 PM
  • North Gate (Exit Only)Daily 7 AM - 6:30 PM
  • Contractor Gate Daily 6:30 AM - 6:30 PM

As much as we'd love to post a map of the base, we maintain digital OPSEC standards. However, most bus stops have current maps posted and hardcopy maps are provided to those who attend the Welcome Aboard Indoctrination hosted by Relocation Assistance.

On Foot
Most destinations aboard MCAS Iwakuni are within walking distance of each other. Sidewalks are everywhere, making it a safe and practical alternative to motorized transportation.

Shuttle Bus/Station Motor T
The station runs shuttle buses starting at 6 AM until 9:30 PM. Schedule and route are posted at most stops and can also be found in the hardcopy Guide to Iwakuni (these are distributed at the Welcome Aboard Indoctrination). Call 253-3944 for additional information.

On-Base Taxis
You'll find taxi stands at several locations around the base, including across from the Crossroads Mall and the Strike Zone Bowling Center. You can also call (0827)21-1111 or (0827)31-5151 to have a commercial cab come to you.

If you're off base, make sure the taxi is authorized to drive on base. A simple "Base ok?" to the driver will usually do the trick.

Personal Vehicles
If you're going to be here a while, you might be authorized to get a personal vehicle.  For specific information on obtaining a SOFA license, please call Pass & Registration at 253-3161.

SOFA License Resources:

Car Rental
If you're just going to be in town for a bit and need a set of wheels to take in some sights, maybe a rental is right for you.

US currency is used for transactions on base, although many facilities will accept Japanese Yen, as well. But it's never a bad idea to have a little of both on you at all times, just in case.

Community Bank (253-4777)- Available to eligible personnel for currency exchange and other, basic banking services.

Navy Federal Credit Union (253-4797)- Available to eligible personnel for basic banking services.

Currency Exchange/ATM Locations- It's part of living abroad that money is gonna look different. While the base operates on the US dollar (with many locations also accepting yen), when you leave base you'll need some Japanese Money. Exchange facilities include the Cash Cage at the MCX, Northside Marine Mart and Community Bank. Currency Exchange Locations:

  • Club Iwakuni Bldg. 600
  • Marine Corps Exchange (Cash Cage) Bldg. 446
  • Northside Marine Mart/Auto Mini Mart Bldg. 1350
  • Community Bank Crossroads Mall Bldg. 410

Navy Federal Credit Union* ATM Locations:
Crossroads Mall Bldg. 410 (Outside)
Northside Marine Mart/Auto Mini Mart Bldg. 1350

Community Bank* ATM Locations (Dispenses Yen)
Crossroads Mall Bldg. 410 (Inside)
Main Marine Mart (MCX) Bldg. 446
Club Iwakuni Bldg. 600

Americable* (253-2288)- Don't miss your favorite stateside programming. Personnel living aboard the air station can also sign up for high-speed internet.

WiFi Hot Spots- The world has gone wireless and we have, too. Laptops and other communication devices make keeping in touch with folks half a world away no more difficult than figuring out what time zone everyone is in. Whenever you see the MCCS network pop up, just type in the super secret password: MCCSWIFI (SSID).

MCCS Free WiFi (Password: MCCSWIFI)

  • Air Terminal Bldg.779
  • Crossroads Mall Bldg. 410
  • Club Iwakuni Bldg. 600
  • IronWorks Gym Bldg. 1010
  • Laundrette Bldg 705
  • Library M&FP Bldg. 411
  • Marine Corps Family Team Building (MCFTB) Yujo Hall Bldg. 1104
  • SMP Hornet's Nest- Northside Bldg. 1347
  • SMP Marine Lounge- Crossroads Bldg. 410 2nd Floor
  • Strike Zone Bldg. 1333
  • Youth & Teen Center Bldg. 443

Free Internet/Web Cams-  You can't always bring your computer, so we have a variety of resources for those who want to video chat. Single and unaccompanied service member are welcome to use the internet-ready computers and webcams at both SMP locations. And everyone else can use the computers in the Library. We even have a FamCam Loft with big screen Skype capabilities so the whole family can join in on the fun.

  • Library/FamCam Loft M&FP Bldg. 411
  • SMP Hornet's Nest- Northside Bldg. 1347
  • SMP Marine Lounge- Crossroads Bldg. 410 2nd Floor

Telephone Office (253-5555)- The base telephone office maintains all landlines aboard the air station.

SoftBank Mobile (253-5851)- Iwakuni is lucky to host an on-base, English speaking cellphone provider. A variety of service providers are also available off-base.

Pay Phone/Calling Card Locations- If you just got here and want to let your friends and family back home know you safely arrived, you can give them a jingle on the phone at one of our many pay phone locations. Simply purchase an international calling card from one of the vending machines or charge it to your credit card. Instructions are usually found near the phone booth.

Pay Phones Locations:

  • SMP Hornet's Nest- Northside Bldg. 1347
  • SMP Marine Lounge- Crossroads Bldg. 410 2nd Floor
  • Crossroads Mall Concourse Bldg. 410
  • Club Iwakuni Bldg. 600
  • Strike Zone Bowling Center Bldg. 1333

Calling Card Vending Machine Locations:
Military Access (SoftBank)- For use with blue pay phones:

  • Crossroads Mall Concourse Bldg. 410
  • Main Marine Mart (MCX) Bldg. 446
  • Northside Marine Mart/ Auto Mini Mart Bldg. 1350
  • SMP Hornet's Nest- Northside Bldg. 1347
  • Temporary Lodging Facility (TLF) Bldg. 444
  • Kintai Inn Bldg. 606

Route OK (KDDI)- For use with cell phones or Class A DSN landlines:

  • Crossroads Mall Concourse Bldg. 410
  • Main Marine Mart (MCX) Bldg. 446
  • Northside Marine Mart Bldg. 1350
  • Barracks 314
  • Barracks 335

Loaner/Prepaid Phones (253-5851)- Visit the SoftBank* store, located in the Crossroads Mall and let the friendly, English-speaking staff help you with your cellular needs. 

* Please note that these facilities are NOT affiliated with MCCS and are provided as a courtesy to MCAS Iwakuni residents for reference. All questions, comments and inquiries need to be directed to the contact information provided.

Please note that the following facilities are NOT affiliated with MCCS and are provided as a courtesy to MCAS Iwakuni residents for reference. All questions, comments and inquiries need to be directed to the contact information provided.

American Red Cross (253-4525)- The Red Cross in Iwakuni, Japan help provide service members and their families with emergency communication while stationed overseas.

Armed Forces Network (AFN)/Power AM1575 (253-5661)- Keep up with the latest info, including important local updates, popular state-side programming and of course, contests and giveaways. Call 253-1575 to request your favorite songs.

  • Get the schedule for all AFN programing.
  • Roll OutOriginally broadcast on Channel 10 at 7:50 PM every regular working Thursday.

Branch Health Clinic (253-5571)-BHC Iwakuni is forward deployed to provide medical and operational support to active duty, family members and other eligible beneficiaries.

  • Appointment Line (253-3445/3438)- Available for same day care, as well as routine exams for Family Practice, Optometry, Physical Therapy, Audiograms and Occupational Health Exams.
  • Urgent Care Clinic (253-5572)- Available for emergencies such as loss of limb or loss of sight 24-hours a day. All other situations are referred to the Medical Officer for additional treatment and options.

DECA Commissary (253-5586)- Eligible patrons can get a taste of home at reasonable prices. Closed Mondays.

Dental Clinic (253-3331)- The base dental detachment offers Dental Hygiene, Operative Dentistry, Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Pediatric Dentistry and Prosthodontics. Speciality services are on a rotating basis with visits from specialists. 

Family Housing Office (253-5541)- While room cleaning service is great, there will come a time when you want to have a place for yourself (you can always hire a housekeeper later). If you're not living in the barracks, then you'll get to know the friendly staff at Family Housing.

Kintai Inn (253-3181)-Odds are that when you first get here you'll be staying either here or at the Temporary Lodging Facility (TLF).

M.C. Perry Schools- Elementary and high school ran by the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA). Visit for additional information.

Marine Memorial Chapel (253-3371)- Call for service times and other service information. WORSHIP SCHEDULE

Navy Marine Corps Relief Society (253-5311)- The mission of the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society is to provide, in partnership with the Navy and Marine Corps, financial, educational, and other assistance to members of the Naval Services of the United States, eligible family members, and survivors when in need; and to receive and manage funds to administer these programs.

Provost Marshals Office (PMO) (Non-Emergency 253-3303/Emergency 911 or 119)- To protect life and property of military and civilian personnel while providing professional installation security and law enforcement services, constantly considering the complexities of our host nation environment.

  • Pass & Registration (253-3135) For information on vehicle registration and SOFA Drivers License.
  • Guest Sponsorship (253-4386) For information on escorting guests on base.
  • Customs & Immigration (253-5418) For information on SOFA stamps and other immigration inquries.

Public Affairs Office (PAO)  (253-5551)- Find out what's been happening around the base.

Station Judge Advocate (SJA) (253-5591)- The legal arm of MCAS Iwakuni.

Vet Clinic (253-6471)- The base vet can help keep fido healthy.

Weather Services (253-3005)- MCAS Iwakuni is well prepared for aggressive weather patterns that occasionally pass by us. Please visit our Typhoons & Earthquakes section of additional resources.

  • TCCOR Status: 253-8300
  • Typhoon/Disaster Control Center(TDCC): 253-5501

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