May 21 2022


11:30 AM - 1:30 PM


All Base Personnel

Color Me Aware Run 2022

Come out and help bring awareness to MCAS Iwakuni regarding the most common mental health & health-related issues affecting our community. Information for these issues and services available will be provided during this event.

Day of Event Registration: 10:30 AM

Run Starts: 11:30 AM

The color run is represented by colors to raise awareness for important causes that can be mission readiness detractors.

  • red - substance abuse
  • blue - child abuse prevention
  • purple - domestic violence prevention
  • yellow - suicide prevention
  • teal - sexual assault prevention
  • pink - breast cancer awareness
  • orange - teen dating violence awareness

Color Run Tips

  • All participants are encouraged to wear a white t-shirt or costume
  • Although the color is non-toxic face masks will help keep it out of the mouth and nose
  • Wearing your best shoes or sneakers is NOT recommended
  • Use a plastic zipper bag to protect your cell phone
  • Sunglasses are provided (while supplies last)
  • It can take a few washes to get color out of light-colored hair, so a headcover is suggested but not necessary


  • Cover your car seats with towels or plastic
  • Clean up and dust off before getting into your car or going into your house
  • Most of the color should come off in the shower or washing machine
  • Wash clothes separately in cold water
  • If you want the color to stay on your shirt, spray it with vinegar and dry it in the sun (it makes a great souvenir)

Behavioral Health | 253-5043