Jun 11 2022


8:30 AM


All Base Personnel

“Hydrangea Temple” Amidaji & Joeiji Temple Sesshu Garden Trip

Come visit 2 temples in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Amidaji Temple is well known as “Hydrangea Temple.” The temple grounds are now planted with around 4,000 hydrangea plants from eighty different varieties. You have a chance to buy hydrangea flowers at the temple. Joeiji Temple is a Zen temple famous for its garden, Sesshutei. As its name suggests, the garden was built by the well-known monk, painter, and garden designer Sesshu. It is a live representation of one of Sesshu's landscape paintings. Completed about 500 years ago, Sesshutei utilizes many vertically upright rocks, a style of rock arrangement distinct of the Muromachi Period (1333 - 1573).


  • Adult (12 & older) - $46
  • Child (11 & under) - $40

Price includes bus seat and admission fees. Bus departs building 411 at 8:30 AM.

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