Apr 01 2021


10:00 AM - 6:00 PM


All Base Personnel

Road Tax 2021

Make your Road Tax payments easily at the MCX Cash Cage.

Service includes MCCS facilitation and transportation of Road Tax payment to/from City Hall.
Stress-free service to pay the required tax.
Simply make your payment at the cash cage and pick up your tax stamp on the assigned date.


Credit cards strongly preferred, otherwise yen payments only.


The Road Tax Process:

• Step 1: Come to the MCX Cash Cage during the normal hours of operation with your Vehicle Title & 2020 Road Tax receipt.

• Step 2: The MCX Cash Cage will make a copy of your title and collect your prior year Road Tax Receipt to provide to Iwakuni City.

• Step 3: After you make your payment, you will be informed of the next pick-up date for your 2021 Road Tax documents.

• Step 4: Pick up your documents from the MCX Cash Cage on the date provided.

• Step 5: Take all vehicle documents to PMO to be issued a new base sticker and update registration.

PMO will require the following documents:

• Vehicle Title

• Proof of secondary insurance

• Proof of JCI insurance

• 2021 Road Tax Receipt

• Recycling Fee Receipt

• DOD ID & SOFA License

• Power of Attorney (Only if a dependent or not the sponsor)

  • Pass & Registration will not issue the 2021 decal if any of the documents above are expired or unavailable.