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Jul 20 2022


6:30 PM


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Wednesday Night Run

Third Wednesday of the Month
No registration necessary

Come out to the Northside Track & Field for Competitive Events’ Wednesday Night Run. This is a scavenger hunt-style run where participants will have 1 hour to run to different locations to find tickets. Grab as many tickets as you can and enter to win prizes! This month, we will partner with the Substance Abuse Counseling Center and highlight Drug and Alcohol Facts Week!

The Substance Abuse Counseling Center’s prevention program is excited to be involved in this collaboration with Semper Fit during Drug and Alcohol Facts Week 2022. This run is a prime opportunity for an alternative alcohol-free activity while simultaneously providing vital drug and alcohol facts on harm-reduction and healthy living in regards to alcohol and other drugs.

This is a fun evening run for all base patrons that occurs on the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 PM at Northside Track & Field.

The map will have 5 locations highlighted on it. The participants can choose to run to all five or just a few. Each participant chooses their own course. At each location, they will collect tickets which they will drop in a bowl at the Northside Track & Field an hour after the start of the run. We will giveaway some Semper Fit Swag. Distances can range between half a mile and 4 miles depending on your route. Participants are highly encouraged to wear safe night running attire, such as glow belts, reflective clothing, headlamps, and handheld flashlights.