competitive events

If the beat of your feet pounding the pavement is sweet music to you, then Competitive Events has just the tune for your stride. Our series comprises various events to meet any skill level, from Virtual runs to a stadium challenge. You will have opportunities to compete with local Japanese athletes as well as base patrons. We'll even take you off-base and help you experience the great events that our host nation has to offer.

intramural sports

We are dedicated to building healthy lifestyles and camaraderie through competitive sports. Intramural Sports works in conjunction with coaches to provide the following sport seasons and tournaments: basketball, soccer, volleyball, flag football, and softball.

The Intramural Sports Program offers team and individual athletic competitions for eligible base personnel and their family members ages 16 and older, regardless of skill or experience.

all marine sports

Open to active-duty personnel only. We offer exceptional active duty Marines and Sailors the opportunity to exercise their athletic talents and abilities. Learn how you can participate in the following events – bowling, boxing (men), volleyball & beach volleyball, soccer (men & women), triathlon (men & women), basketball (men & women), softball (men & women), marathon (men & women), rugby (men), taekwondo and judo.

commander's cup

The Commander’s Cup Challenge is the ULTIMATE year long physical training challenge for active duty units aboard MCAS Iwakuni. Activities, events and challenges take place every month from January through October. Each monthly challenge has prizes for the 1st place team, as well as points earned toward the overall Commander’s Cup Challenge.

The team/unit who earns the most points by the end of the year will be awarded the traveling Commander’s Cup Trophy and will be known as the FITTEST Warriors aboard MCAS Iwakuni.


1st place



2nd place



3rd place






outdoor sports facilities

Semper Fit manages playing fields for baseball, soccer and football at several locations around MCAS Iwakuni. The Intramural Sports and Youth Sports departments host dozens of tournaments and regular season competitive sports for athletes ranging 3 years and up on these fields and coordinates playing times with the MC Perry schools and station units. Please call for inquiries on availability.

sports courts

Basketball, sand volleyball and tennis sports courts can be found at various locations, including next to the IronWorks and across the bridge at the Monzen Friendship Park.
*Authorized patrons of ALL abilities are welcome. Please contact program staff if reasonable accommodations are necessary.