youth sports


MCCS Iwakuni Youth Sports offers children ages 3-15 the chance to participate in a variety of co-ed sports. The program hosts fun, safe, positive and healthy intercultural activities with local school children throughout the year. Our program is recreational that emphasizes character and fundamental skill building.


MCCS Youth Sports Program is committed to providing engaging sporting events that instill Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Self-Esteem, Discipline, Respect, Leadership, and Commitment in our youth participants. Through fundamental basics of athletics, our youth build physical skills, psychological awareness of self, and social networking. These values are important to one’s growth in becoming active members of our community and society.




Per Child

start smart


per child



per child


  • start smart - ages 3-4
    • soccer
    • basketball
    • baseball

  • youth - ages 5-15
    • soccer
    • basketball
    • baseball

  • youth - ages 7-9
    • volleyball
    • softball

volunteers & coaches

MCCS Iwakuni recruits volunteer coaches to lead players through drills and games that build skills, develop coordination and help youth develop a passion for sports. Applications and fingerprints are returned to the Youth Sports Coordinator at IronWorks, Building 1010.



Volunteers receive letters of appreciation, commemorative coins, coaches jerseys, and earn certifications through National Alliance for Youth Sports and American Red Cross.

Tsunami Youth Swim Team

*Authorized patrons of ALL abilities are welcome. Please contact program staff if reasonable accommodations are necessary.